Why Do Women Cheat?

Linda Ikeji is a famous blogger in Nigeria who in 2013 made it onto the list of Forbes influential bloggers which is no easy feat!

storeboard.comHer blog provides news, www.gamespot.com beauty tips, Linda Ikeji and celebrity gossip to her readers.

She started blogging when she was 17 years old with no background in journalism or writing experience.

Today, she has over 3 million followers on Facebook where she posts almost daily.

With so many people following her work, Linda Ikeji has been able to make a living for herself by running the blog as well as taking advertisements from various companies.

She has been able to launch her own beauty line as well as a clothing line via print on demand.

linkagogo.comShe was also named one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People in 2014 and Linda Ikeji awarded an honorary doctorate from Babcock University.

Linda Ikeji continues to work hard to provide her readers with the latest posts and information on entertainment news.

She has been in the spotlight for Linda Ikeji her success and achievements as an entrepreneur while being one of Nigeria’s most successful bloggers to date.

Her blog began when she had just finished school with no further ideas about what career path to take until she discovered blogging.
It appears that self-acclaimed journalist Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo is not ready to have peace with celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji, Linda Ikeji ever since her pregnancy pictures hit the internet.

Legit.ng earlier reported that Kemi claimed the blogger’s pregnancy was fake as sources have revealed to her that Linda Ikeji cannot bear children. Olunloyo further disclosed that the blogger is just rocking a prosthetic baby bump and fooling her fans.

In refuting Olunloyo’s claims, Linda Ikeji took to her social media handle to shun those who do not believe she is truly pregnant. She also seized the opportunity to share bare pictures of her bulging tummy so people can see that she is truly pregnant but Olunloyo still insists that the blogger is not pregnant.
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This time around, Olunloyo took to her Instagram and Twitter handles to reveal that the N100,000 Linda Ikeji sent to her while in Port Harcourt maximum prison was not to grant her bail but part of her flight fees. Olunloyo has requested for Linda Ikeji’s account details so she can return what she termed her ritual money.

The Ibadan-based acclaimed journalist further revealed that the blogger is a home wrecker and Linda Ikeji a ritualist.

Her post reads: “#lindaisnotpregnant People STOP spreading lies Wale Gates! I should start listing who donated what. Stupid dumb fool. A MESSAGE FOR #LINDAIKEJI@officialLindaikeji I was trying to promote your stupid self by announcing your N100k. Idiotic moron. Punch called me telling me that you sent me 100k while I was “languishing” in prison. When I came out the first time, Dumo gave me 850k, Miriam and Halima gave me 200k each and the list goes on. People don’t want me to criticize you because you donated to me. That’s what ruined Nigeria. You can’t report about certain personalities because they are sacred. I will continue to expose your lies. May God paralyze your livelihood and everything you lay your hands on like they did mine for telling Punch that wicked statement and may you and your family members languish in prison some day. The last time I cursed you is when you destroyed Adeola’s wedding sleeping with Dan two weeks before the wedding, snatched D Banj from Uche and lied that she was sleeping with Ikechukwu. I told you that you will never marry or have kids. It is now catching up. You need to apologize for that rubbish. Send me your account details to return your ritual money. People are in my twitter DM telling me you allegedly used your womb for rituals to get super rich, others saying you allegedly slept around to get money to build your empire. Regardless you gave me a mere 100K AND I DON’T APPRECIATE IT. TAKE IT BACK you home wrecker preaching celibacy. MAY YOU BE SERIOUSLY DISGRACED WHEN YOUR MOONBUMP FALLS OFF LIKE BEYONCE. Goodnight everyone. Over to you @hnnamanda. Blogging starts. KOO.”
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