Ever Since The News Broke Of Her Pregnancy

easyfie.comLinda Ikeji is a famous blogger in Nigeria who in 2013 made it onto the list of Forbes influential bloggers which is no easy feat!

Her blog provides news, repo.getmonero.org beauty tips, and celebrity gossip to her readers.

She started blogging when she was 17 years old with no background in journalism or writing experience.

Today, she has over 3 million followers on Facebook where she posts almost daily.

With so many people following her work, Linda Ikeji has been able to make a living for herself by running the blog as well as taking advertisements from various companies.

She has been able to launch her own beauty line as well as a clothing line via print on demand.

nla.gov.auShe was also named one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People in 2014 and Https://Lindaikejiblog.Doodlekit.Com/Blog/Entry/16861868/Kemi-Olunloyo-Curses-Linda-Ikeji-Claims-Linda-Used-Her-Womb-For-Money awarded an honorary doctorate from Babcock University.

Linda Ikeji continues to work hard to provide her readers with the latest posts and information on entertainment news.

She has been in the spotlight for her success and achievements as an entrepreneur while being one of Nigeria’s most successful bloggers to date.

Her blog began when she had just finished school with no further ideas about what career path to take until she discovered blogging.
In a recent development to news making the rounds on Nigerian’s social media, a new twist has emerged as to how the father to the celebrated blogger Linda Ikeji has vehemently refused to legally marry her after she took to the internet to showcase her pregnancy.

According to the gossip in town Linda Ikeji and her amorous lover Sholaye have been seeing each other since 2016 with both popularly known in the country as desperate social climbers who understand what it means to do the needful to belong to the upper class.

In a chat by Kemi Olulonyo aka madam KOO obtained online recently, their exaggerated lifestyles was laid bare as it was revealed that Sholaye the pimp and house boy of Femi Otedola, Dangote, Musa Danjuma, Terry Wayas and more, was a ratchet model back in the UK and Linda Ikeji also a local info girl that started her career modeling. Sholaye as alleged is married with kids and known for https://writeablog.net/ wanting to be seen with daughters of the rich, older successful women and the likes. He is also known to drive his Rolls Royce around town whenever he needs to prove a point, yet he lives in a rented apartment in park view Ikoyi and has no plans of marrying Aunty Linda Ikeji.

It is believed that the celebrated blogger Linda Ikeji on the other hand Linda Ikeji thought she had found Prince charming but was on a fast lane and lost in confusion in her banana island Linda Ikeji mansion which was bought by an Oil Magnate BP (if you know, You know) as she was constantly criticized online for jumping into the hands of a man who is the typical definition of a cheap pie, so greasy and smooth at the top with all kinds of rubbish inside.

It was also revealed that Aunty Linda Ikeji has been begging Sholaye to save her the embarrassment contrary to the stupid epistles she has been writing these past days.

Linda Ikeji we learnt is currently going through series of psychological and emotional trauma as her entire family especially her father has done everything to make Sholaye marry her to save their face and he blatantly refused.

Ever since the news broke of her pregnancy, Nigerians, especially social media users have not relented in lambasting the blogger as a rejected BABY MAMA. They also accuse her sister of turning into a town crier overnight because of her joblessness and struggle in life as she and her husband can barely feed themselves.