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technetbloggers.deLinda Ikeji is a famous blogger in Nigeria who in 2013 made it onto the list of Forbes influential bloggers which is no easy feat!

Her blog provides news, beauty tips, Linda Ikeji and celebrity gossip to her readers.

She started blogging when she was 17 years old with no background in journalism or writing experience.

Today, she has over 3 million followers on Facebook where she posts almost daily.

With so many people following her work, Linda Ikeji has been able to make a living for Linda Ikeji herself by running the blog as well as taking advertisements from various companies.

She has been able to launch her own beauty line as well as a clothing line via print on demand.

openlearning.comShe was also named one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People in 2014 and awarded an honorary doctorate from Babcock University.

Linda Ikeji continues to work hard to provide her readers with the latest posts and Linda Ikeji information on entertainment news.

She has been in the spotlight for her success and achievements as an entrepreneur while being one of Nigeria’s most successful bloggers to date.

Her blog began when she had just finished school with no further ideas about what career path to take until she discovered blogging.
Popular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji, who started blogging in 2006, has opened up about her new LITV, the intricacies of its development and how much went into building it.

While speaking in an exclusive interview published by Pulse Nigeria Business Insider, Nigeria’s most famous and richest blogger, Linda Ikeji Ifeoma Linda Ikeji, who recently launched an online television, LITV, opened up about her multi-million Naira new investment, how much it cost her to build it, and her future plans.

The Imo State businesswoman also talks about her social media platform, LIS, why it failed and her plans for the future.
Here are excerpts from the chat;

You’ve finally launched your own streaming platform. How does this make you feel?

Seeing your dream come to reality is one of the best feelings in the world. I look at it and think to myself, “What? We finally did it.” This is something I have always wanted to do, probably since I was 11. I didn’t dream this big, I dreamt of working in TV either as a producer or a presenter. I just wanted to be in the media and TV space.

So, getting to this point where I can own an online TV platform is one of the best feelings in the world. When we first launched, people bombarded our site, subscribing and hubpages.Com commenting on shows I was part of 100 percent. It’s an amazing feeling to see people finally view what we have done and Linda Ikeji commend us like this.
How many shows do you have on the platform?

So far, we have 10 reality shows and 21 TV shows. More content is on the way. What we currently have is just one percent of what we want to produce. We just wanted to launch so people can see some of what we’ve produced so far.
How long did it take to put the shows together?

We’ve been working on these shows actively since June 2017. I had to understand that I was a novice producer but I am not a novice at putting things together. As a producer, I was learning on the job. So, we made some mistakes. We hired a few people who didn’t know what they were doing and Linda Ikeji we had to bring in more professionals. We have gotten it right now. But, that’s why it took us that long to put the shows together. There are over 35 shows. One year is not a bad time to produce that amount of content.
Take us through the process of creating the platform.

Thinking about what equipment to buy and what to replace was hectic, but I fully enjoyed the creative process. I like sitting down with my producers, going through ideas, and going over scripts – I wrote some of the scripts for the shows. I came up with 90% of the titles on the platform. I always argue with my head of programming. I say, “I don’t know how to carry cameras and lights, but when it comes to ideas, I am very creative.”
How much did it cost you to set this up?

About half a billion naira. We have so many equipment – that’s how we were able to do multiple shoots. We have a lot of cameramen, presenters, sound technicians, and editors who are in-house. We have a mini jib and a fully loaded music studio. Sometimes I think to myself, ‘Did you need to go that far?’ We also have a place in Lekki Phase One that I got for two reality shows in the works. We bought eight cameras there. We have three studios right here. We have the green room here. And then, we have done reality shows with celebrities.