How To Play NairaBET: Account Opening, Depositing, Betting & Withdrawing – Sports Betting Tricks

If you are considering placing a wager, this platform should offer a convenient option. So how do you go about placing bets in this site?
How to Register

Given the stringent legal requirement of attaining the age of majority (18), this process is mandatory for any prospective NairaBet user.

Simply visit the bookmaker’s website, where next to the empty login boxes (User name and Password) is the JOIN NOW option.

Click the registration and it will lead to a new page that will demand you fill a form with personal information

Some of the information required includes your name, mobile phone number, email address and date of birth (rarely used by other sites in addition to the currency you wish to use ).

There is the additional address form you fill the country, street and city. There is an additional form where you fill your username, password and verify the password.

After verifying you are not a robot(sic) you consent by checking an empty box stipulating agreement to the terms of the site and being over 18 years.

This bookmaker offers a wide array of options to deposit funds ranging from bank deposits, online transfers, use of ATM cards and USSD.

Visit your nearest bank branch fill in a deposit form with details of NairaBet, then when depositing in your online account, you fill in the details captured in the bank slip where applicable.
USSD (GT Bank Users)

For users with mobile phones compatible with their mother bank (GT Bank) , transferring money to their NairaBet wallet is easy. Dial*737*50*AMOUNT*46# then enter your User Name which is your Reference ID.
Then enter last four digits of your bank debit card.

MCash for Other Banks

If your phone number corresponds to the one you are using on the betting platform then this process should be relatively easy.
Simply dial *402*77000999*AMOUNT#

The next step is the selection of your bank and account to be debited.
First-time users are required to enter their dates of birth

In addition to this, you create a pin number that should be used for future payments.
Online deposit using ATM or MasterCard’s

After clicking on the Deposit in your account, choose between GTPay or Fidelity pay Gate then fill in the amount you’d wish to wager with.

Make a selection between Interswitch, VISA as a payment option (If you are using Master Card skip this part) and Click PAYMENT.
Enter your card particulars after which make a confirmation of your payment

How to bet

After login in, there are various disciplines and games that you simply select and enter the amount you wish to bet with.
How to Withdraw from NairaBet

This bookmaker offers cashing out options for its clients. You don’t necessarily have to wait until a game is This means you have a higher chance of either safeguarding your stake or making a decent profit if your likelihood of success has increased.