What Are These Cheats?

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Anybody can play bet9ja from shop or from mobile but the REAL SECRET is how to play Bet9ja Online and WIN MILLIONS of NAIRA.

We will share with you all you need to get started and how you too can be a millionaire by using Cheat to win Bet9ja easily.
But first, you need to create a personal account with them.

How to play bet9ja online for BeginnersHere is the simplest method:
Locate Better odds rather than placing bets on a Large number of Games

Try Running Tickets if your Games are too Many
Do Your Research DEEPLY!

Place Bets on Goals if you Play Soccer Games
NEVER be Greedy

Pick a Game, Modify it
Always have a BACKUP PLAN OR bet9ja recovery game

Produce a Staking Power
The Odds Amount

The Teams
How to Create Bet9ja Account and WIN!

To own an account with them, CLICK HERE, then tap on “REGISTER” on the right-hand corner, fill in your details, complete the form and select proceed.

In a couple of seconds, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address which will be used to login to your account alongside the password you picked.
The last step is to login and begin placing bet.

How to play bet9ja online for Beginners
For beginners, there are 3 methods of playing bet9ja online

– Select your sport from the menu on the left.
– Pick your tournament(s) and click View.

– Choose the events you want to bet on and pick your odds. Your choices will be automatically added to your betting slip.

– Fill in the Amount section, click “BET” and then confirm your bet by clicking OK. If all goes well, you will see a confirmation message with your bet ID.
The next method is “EVENT NAME”

Here is how to play bet9ja with Event name:
– Search for the event you’re interested in and pick it.

– For instance, if a match between Arsenal and Manchester United is set to take place, simply search for it, and click on the match and a window with an available market for the event will be shown.

– Next, the “I” button will show you several hints available in the market. Simply read the review and pick your most preferred odd and it would be added to your coupon.
– The last stage is to complete the amount and select “BET”

The Last method to playing bet 9ja is “Betting Market Tabs”
For this to work, You should:

Pick the sport of your choice on the left menu, pick your preferred tournament and tap on “VIEW”.
You can also check on different varieties of market tabs on the top right of the page. Pick the market tab your choice and place your bet.
INPUT in the amount of money you are willing to pay and confirm your bet

That’s all! The above steps are how you can place bets and win on bet9ja EVERYTIME!
How to Place Bets and Win in Bet9ja OFFLINE/In Bet Shops

To bet offline, you need to book a bet. This method of playing does not need you to register an account. What you simply do is to select the sport of your choosing and bet on them then your booking number will be revealed to you.
You can either choose to have it printed for you or sent to your email address.

Once you have completed this process, you simply go into any bet9ja shop nearest to you, provide them the confirmation of the bet you booked and pay so your bet can be placed one time.

Note: sports betting The odds can change quickly since they aren’t fixed, bet9ja so, be fast about it! The bet9ja booking numbers are also possible to be used on the website in the betslip section.
How to Win Millions in Bet9ja – [SECRETS REVEALED]

Having learnt how to play bet9ja and win via online and offline process on their website and gambling in bet shops, let me walk you on how to WIN your BETS EVERYTIME.
If you need bet9ja spin and win cheat, do the following:

– Locate Better odds rather than placing bets on a Large number of Games

Many Nigerians I know fall into this trap so easily, they prefer their Betslip tickets to be really long. I recommend reducing the number of games you place bets on to increase your chances of winning.

Rather, you need to focus on games with high odds. By doing this, you could be winning on a STEADY basis.
– Try Running Tickets if your Games are too Many

If you’re someone who plays long tickets, it is important you make it a running one. In that case, bet9ja it means that your ticket should be played every time in days or weeks as the case may be.
That way, you can continuously stake on SURE GAMES.

– Do Your Research DEEPLY!

Do not carry teams based on “THEM SAY”. Instead, perform deep research on the teams you decide to bet on.

Check their past records, H2H, games and so on before placing your bets. Your bets placed or predicted should be based on recent performance and last 3 years results.
– Place Bets on Goals if you Play Soccer Games

Placing bets on certain number of goals is your safest and most reliable option if you want to bet on soccer games.
Your chances of winning are increased by doing this.

– NEVER be Greedy

No matter what happens, do not be greedy. If you can avoid being greedy, the of losing your money would be really low.

If you place bets on a daily basis, you would lose more than you win. You should create a routine on how many times you would place bets each month.

Like alcohol, you should gamble responsibly. Limit your spending on sport betting so it does not ruin you.
This is another rule to follow in our guide on how to play Bet9ja Online and Win.

5 Secrets and Cheats to Win Bet9ja

Now, we have showed you how to win big on Bet9ja, next is the different ways and cheats to win BET9JA money too.
Following these cheats, you can win a couple of thousand naira to billions too.

With these cheats, you too can CASH OUT STEADY from there.
What are these cheats?

– Follow Top Tipsters on Twitter

There are many top tipsters that every player should follow on Twitter.bit.ly These guys are so good that they defeat bookies every single game.
Once you begin to follow them, you enjoy a bigger and fatter account balance.

So, I recommend you head over to twitter and follow betting influencers and free tipsters for sports betting their games.
If you are already on Twitter, you can follow @J_asmine. She is one of the best punters out there.

– Pick a Game, Modify it

This is yet another cheat to win Bet9ja. As soon as you collect a game from any source, You should modify it into two places.

The first one would be the original game (Wey sure pass) and the second one will be the modified version.

This helps me diversify my winning into two places, so If one cut, the other go win. That is what I use to recover my money.
– Always have a BACKUP PLAN OR recovery game
It is always WISE to play 2 games if you want to play bet9ja virtual and win. The first one should be a game that you want to use and win a good amount of money; while the second one would be the game that would help you recover money just in case the first game casts.
How to Play and Win Bet9ja Soccer EVERYTIME [Secret]

To play bet9ja soccer bet and win every time ehn, you must follow some principles.
To win money from football betting in Nigeria, you need to understand certain concepts.

For example, let’s consider a match like Barcelona Vs. Manchester United.bit.ly If about 50 people stake on Manchester United to win and another 5 stake on Barcelona, Barcelona will win. Why? Because the loss would be unbearable for the bookmakers to face.
That is why many bookmarkers try fixed matches or try to manipulate matches in real time.

Here is how to win football bets on Bet9ja Frequently
– Produce a Staking Power

Never empty your pocket to “STAKE HIGH” as this has been “Tweaked” to favor the bookmarker.
That means that you will lose if you “STAKE BIG”, you will “LOSE BIG”

– The Odds Amount

At times, the weakness or strength of the odds does not mean It will win or lose. I have seen people at bet shops place bets on small odds like 1.09 and still end up losing.
Another sect will also claim that such odds are the winning odds.

You know that odds determine how much you win, right? Do you also know that small or big odd doesn’t matter? Things do not always go the way they look.
Some Bet9ja customers are guilty of false beliefs and here are some along with my reaction:

– Equal odds will end in draw – That’s a lie!
– Smaller odds always win – LOL, do you even think at all?

– Odds that are too big will Cut ticket – Really?
– Two weak teams will ALWAYS draw – That’s not true!

Believing these things will make you lose out, A LOT!

Odds do not decide the outcome of any match. They’re simply a way to boost ROI (return on investment). What decides a football match is the football teams themselves.
So, you would want to focus on team performance rather than their win/lose odds.

Want more secrets on how to play Bet9ja online and win?bet9ja.com Keep reading!
– The Teams

The trick to winning bet9ja is a deep knowledge of the battling soccer clubs. It is crucial to understand the teams in the match because they determine whether you Bet9ja selection clicks or not.

Certain teams are marked “X’ by bookies. These teams are marked so because of the danger in their nature. For instance, the leagues in England like England Championship, England League Two, and League one.
In other words, avoid teams in the English League unless you want to lose most of your profit.
You have better chances at winning draws on Championship and League 2.
Extra Tips to Win Football Bet in Bet9ja

Honestly, there’s nothing special other than a few Bet9ja winning tips.
– Avoid Bulk Bets

– Bet to Lose not bet to win
– Compare Your Selections

– Wait for the Live
– Don’t check the bet slip or the online bet every now and then.

– Pick Coupon Selections
– Analyze the Selections

– Use H2H Comparison
– Team Analysis

How much have you made from Bet9ja before and how did you do it? Do you have any additional tips on how to play bet9ja and cashout?

New customers will enjoy live betting on sports markets on Bet9ja. They can sports bet on their phone mobile device (mobile app) on football matches, american football, horse racing, the premier league and more. Their wagering requirements include a minimum deposit of ₦100. Use the Bet9ja promotion code YOHAIG for a chance to win mini jackpots, titan jackpots, red titan jackpot or the gold titan jackpot.