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Linda Ikeji is a famous blogger in Nigeria who in 2013 made it onto the list of Forbes influential bloggers which is no easy feat!

dot.govHer blog provides news, beauty tips, and celebrity gossip to her readers.

She started blogging when she was 17 years old with no background in journalism or writing experience.

Today, she has over 3 million followers on Facebook where she posts almost daily.

With so many people following her work, Linda has been able to make a living for herself by running the blog as well as taking advertisements from various companies.

She has been able to launch her own beauty line as well as a clothing line via print on demand.

She was also named one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People in 2014 and awarded an honorary doctorate from Babcock University.

Linda Ikeji continues to work hard to provide her readers with the latest posts and information on entertainment news.

codecademy.comShe has been in the spotlight for her success and achievements as an entrepreneur while being one of Nigeria’s most successful bloggers to date.

Her blog began when she had just finished school with no further ideas about what career path to take until she discovered blogging.
Linda Ikeji is Nigeria’s richest blogger at the moment who makes tonnes of money from her blog, Aside from her popular blog, she is also a successful business woman whose net worth is now estimated at $10 million by Forbes.

When she started her blog in 2006, Linda did it without the intention of making money online. Most of her blog posts bordered much on latest society gossip, celebrity talk and even details of her personal life.

It was the kind of content especially the sensational articles that brought about her blog’s popularity and also her close engagement with readers earned her a huge fan base in Nigeria and other countries.
So how much does Linda Ikeji make in a month?

While no one can give an actual amount of what her blog income is, we know that she make up to $80,000 per month (estimate) as revenue from the various adverts placed on Linda Ikeji’s blog. We shall discuss the various ways Linda Ikeji’s blog makes money further below:
1. Private placements of adverts

This comes as no surprise as Linda Ikeji has been able to attract clients, companies and big brands to advertise on her website. Those who are interested often contact Linda Ikeji to place ads on her blog. Some of these top brands we see includes Airtel, MTN, HP e.t.c.

One thing we know for sure is that her advert rates for banner sizes are very expensive considering the amount of traffic and visitors she pulls on a daily basis. Take for example, an advert of MTN placed above a post of Linda Ikeji’s blog, this should cost more than a smaller banner sizes due to its strategic position and is sure to get maximum exposure.
2. Pay per click (PPC) adverts

This is what most bloggers use to earn on their online platforms. This is different from private placement ads that are capable of paying either daily, monthly or even weekly advert rate. Pay-per-click (PPC) adverts can only make money when people click on them.

For Linda Ikeji, the major PPC adverts available on her blog are from Google Adsense and Ad Dynamo. It is said that these two pay her more than $20,000 monthly (estimate)
3. Big Brand Endorsements

You might be asking yourself ‘How does Linda Ikeji’s blog make money from top brands?’ Its quite simple to understand. She has over the years built a large loyal follower-ship not only here in Nigeria but also abroad just by gossip blogging. No wonder these top Nigerian brands use her as celebrity endorsements for their new products.

With the above ways, Linda Ikeji still makes cool money easily apart from her blog from other investments she owns. This did not come easy but took years of hard work and God’s blessings. There was a debate as to who is richer between herself and Wizkid? Trust me when I say that she is far richer. This is because, the amount of money she makes on a daily basis is estimated at $4,000 from her blog alone.

Now with a monthly income estimated at $80,000 this 2021, Linda is currently topping the list of richest bloggers in Nigeria 2021 and her success story is out there on the internet for aspiring bloggers to read. She was also listed among the most influential women in Africa in 2015.