She Said He Slapped His Boss?

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It is most laughable, wrong and completely absurd how the abuse and penchant for money has taken over ethics in the online journalism space. It is unfortunate that Linda Ikeji now characterizes this absurdity. How can you slander a decent, heterosexual, married man, who has kids, a history of stellar professional achievements, unflinching drive and hard work, because of money? or laziness? Or an utter lack of due diligence? Or a combination of all the above?

I’m deeply worried about this degenerate recourse to one sided, completely false and shabby articles aimed at smearing others and “disclaiming” your liability. It’s a sham and a disappointment to all of us who respected you. Kindly Apologize to the man, his children, the Onwuliri family and colleagues and save what modicum of decency you have left.

I’m also a blogger, a Senior Professional Engineer in one of the leading Telecom companies in USA and I along with at least 3000 other graduates of 2003/2004 set of the University of Nigeria Alumni (all over the world) have known Chukwuemeka Onwuliri for the past 17 years, as our best graduating student, who despite being extremely socialized, was our University Valedictorian. A first class in Engineering, a mentor to many peers and engineers – female inclusive and a respectable gentleman and loving father. As one of the leading bloggers in Nigeria today on, I will speak up openly of my many years of comradeship with the man, Emeka Onwuliri.

I first encountered Emeka Onwuliri in UNN in 1999, we were both Engineering undergraduates and we struggled through the rigors of school life. He was a model we looked up to and I was glad to work with him. His 4.87 /5 CGPA is an engineering record clearly listed in the all times hall of fame of the great university of Nigeria. Unlike other extremely smart students, Emeka was no nerd but a balanced leader on all fronts. His ability to balance his social life and work life stunned all of us. He was present at social events, dated some of the most liked girls on campus and in fact we looked with amazement how he did it all. I recall that I would visit the female hostels at night and sometimes see the fine gentleman doing same, making his senior room-mate, Ambrose, ask us why we suited up better in the evenings than during the day. It is needless to say that we both had female friends but I recall that I learnt from Emeka how and when to switch to serious mode in order to meet up with academic milestones. It’s a known fact and all of us who schooled in UNN can tell you in clear, unequivocal, straight terms that my Comrade, Emeka Onwuliri with every certainty is definitely not gay. Why is this important?? Because I’m a father and a son as well and I would not sit down in silence while falsehood pervades.

Also, we have of course through the Alumni movement and social networks remained in touch with Emeka even after our graduation and even though we worked in different parts of the world, Emeka in the oils fields of the Middle East and I in Africa/North America. It is well known Emeka has since risen through the ranks by sheer dint of hard work and made the managerial cadre of the oil and gas industry at a very young age. Emeka, has always been ahead of the curve in all notable aspects of life and I guess he decided to get married to complement this successful run only to end up with a sociopath who from what I’ve read is trying to destroy her target or victim with baseless falsehood.

She said he slapped his boss? The same ones who then promoted him to manager to lead a diverse team of Engineers both female and male?? She also claims he is unemployable?? With First class in Engineering and an MBA from top schools?? And Yet Canada admitted him as a highly skilled professional to work in their oil fields in Alberta?? Thus being the reason for his documented resignation from his managerial position at Schlumberger to pursue a career processing oil sands!!? How can such incoherent Lies from the pit of hell be published by Linda Ikeji?? A woman who says she fears God? No!! No!! No!!! Linda No!! Shame!!

Can you even imagine? I remember a lady engineer from our class working in Canada and mentioning to me that Emeka had made contact from Saudi Arabia where he was working at the time and told her that he was applying to move to Canada as far back as 2009. Therefore, he didn’t know I was already aware when he called me to celebrate that he got the Canada residency for federal skilled worker in 2011, saying that he was now applying to add his new wife- Christina Kristina. I also remember another call when Emeka spoke to me from an oilfield in Saudi Arabia on Christmas day of 2009, telling me he had just performed the world’s first ever optical Logging job for Schlumberger. He was a renowned professional in that company and received several recognitions for excellence. As an admirable thorough guy, he is probably a bit too calm, thereby explaining why this sociopathic wife of his wants to explore the meekness of this gentleman to defame him since, in his typical peacemaking ways, he opted not to sue.

It’s a shame that such a well known dude from UNN who was always courteous to all including his colleagues and superiors is now the subject of a demonic smear campaign funded with his money through his estranged sociopathic wife, now using Linda Ikeji as a pawn?? It’s just painful to see Linda Ikeji whom I’ve consistently defended amongst colleagues stoop this low to degeneracy, all for blog hits and money???? In fact Linda Ikeji, I’m truly sad but more disappointed in you. You need to apologize to this father of two beautiful daughters for your failed attempt to destroy the legacy of a young man who did nothing wrong but treat his wife like a queen. As a matter of fact, I found it hilarious where in several phone conversations, Emeka told me he was either cooking, feeding the kids or doing the dishes so his pregnant wife could rest all day. He pampered her so much and never beat her.

Linda, Did you even read your blog post?? If she is sick and needs treatment shouldn’t we bloggers be the ones to tell her to go see a psychiatrist?? Instead of projecting her hallucinations on her husband and children?? So if the lady told you that you Linda Ikeji killed someone, you would go and publish without doing any due diligence?? No!! Please apologize my dear Linda. This one sadly is not a case of I heard, I know the guy very well and you have done a great injustice.

Take for instance; on several occasions when I spoke with Emeka, he was very worried of the frequent violent fits his wife, Christina Chiamaka had been exhibiting in their home. She became the “smasher-in-chief”, she would smash laptops, Iphones, TV, glass ware, wrist watches, and even threatened to burn the children’s room on one occasion. He worked hard for almost 18hours a day on oil rig operations so he would usually return to a smashed house to start cleaning up and trying to make peace. Should a delayed trip to Dubai be a reason why a wife should destroy her home?? This gentleman tried based on what is known amongst our classmates to help his sick wife. He would call some of us and would complain that his discussions with Christina Chiamaka’s father and his former wife, Christina’s mother, yielded no change or improvement. His stories reminded me of the Barrister from Ibadan who was stabbed twice and subsequently killed by his wife while sleeping. Emeka had to do what any loving father would do and protect his children from this obstinate violent sociopath of a wife who was within his home and yet remained in denial and would refuse all treatment.

Sadly, when her violence continued to escalate in Canada to a dangerous level which from what I read got to a point of her pulling knives on her own husband and children, and eventually planning an acid attack, it attracted the Canadian authorities. The next time I heard from him, his wife had decided she would move to Nigeria since she now had a police record in Canada. On getting there what I feared finally happened when she went into one of her violent tirades, destroyed property of others (not Emeka’s this time), threatened lives and fled the vandalized vicinity, only to realize she left without her documents and belongings. Instead of respectfully requesting these she has gone to my colleague Linda Ikeji to start a smear campaign? And Linda for want of hits carried such fabrications?? I’m scandalized!!

Linda Ikeji, on behalf of the Alumni movement, I hereby request that you take the dignified step and tender an apology to Emeka Onwuliri for that false publication and retract it immediately. If you want proof to show it is false, you are big enough to do simple due diligence by reaching out to the party before conspiring to slander them. Why not get simple documented proof before you smear them??.

Christina the sociopath lied about everything and continues to project her hallucinations to fabricate stories on social and print media involving priests, government officials, family members, colleagues and even her own children. She has promised to continue publishing fabricated stories and lies. She has even used these lies to recruit and confuse several unsuspecting individuals. Her children whom she callously abandoned were with their Father, Emeka, when she left on her vainglorious quest and of course are still with him. #SimpleEmail revealed this.

Not surprisingly, I am aware that Emeka has attempted to send her documents and belongings to her several times, only for this sociopath and her Father to have refused to accept them and instead consistently threatened to burn them. Our investigations revealed that Mr. Christian Amaefule of IMSU is violent but I think the issue here is that on behalf of Emeka’s classmates and friends, I am openly calling on this man to do the needful and advise his daughter appropriately.

Emeka is a man we all respect thoroughly and deeply, and a caring mentor of many young students and graduates of UNN whom other young professionals look up to. He is a determined and resilient young man who easily overcomes many trying situations.

Unfortunately, Kristina/Christina/Chiamaka is a product of a badly broken home, with a father, Mr. Christian Amaefule, who we learned has continued to be violent, abusive and who knows, may probably be Gay as rumours muted in some quarters. I mean where did she fabricate that illusion from? It must be from her home, where all character is formed. It is not strange at all because from my little investigation (#SimpleInvestigation) Sources close to her family, revealed that her Father abused her severely, beat her to near death, and kicked her to the streets. She is now attempting to blame these same exact allegations on her husband, our indefatigable leader and friend Emeka, and this is typical sociopathic behavior of blaming a former abuser’s sins on a new innocent victim (#basicpsychology).

It is just weird that like a typical sociopath, Christina Chiamaka has vowed to continue her fabricated stories, lies and smear campaign against the Onwuliris, a decent people who have helped and continued to help so many Nigerians. It is just unthinkable. So please, people be aware of this conspiracy!

Let us not allow ill-willed people like the Amaefules smear hardworking patriots because they’ve tried to help the mentally ill. Let’s put our voices out to advocate for better access to care to those who need mental care before they kill innocent members of our communities.

To all bloggers, always ask both sides of the story before you publish; this is basic 101 of investigative journalism even online. Christina the sociopath claims she is saying dirty things because she wants her children back? She claims she was violent in front of the children because of her children? Please tell me who does that? What a way to win children back. Her behaviour is definitely not normal. Unfortunately, many Nigerians know very little about such dangerous underlying psychiatric conditions.

I know Emeka Onwuliri personally, the allegations raised against him are all lies and carefully fabricated. Also, there is documented evidence to support the truth and I can stake my reputation and that of my blog on this. Can you, Linda Ikeji stake your reputation on the published slander about Emeka on your blog?? Accordingly, let it be clear that this blatant falsehood has propelled me to speak up so that Nigerians will not swallow her false projections, hallucinations and fabrications; be it published on Linda Ikeji or any other platform.

Everybody needs to note this!! There are people who LIE completely in stories and Fabricate falsehood by mixing weird stories together. These people actually EXIST. They are called SOCIOPATHS and while it seems strange, unconscionable, wicked and unethical, they actually live among us. Christina Chiamaka Amaefule has show she is one of them. They have no conscience and their condition makes it difficult for their heads to process or perceive emotions or information correctly. In fact such persons have no insight into their condition. They need help. So let’s help the needy and not smear the hardworking.

As I wrote earlier she is on a mission to tarnish not just Emeka but my guess is the Onwuliri family image as well, and will lie and do just anything to achieve this. She has promised to continue publishing falsehoods and fabrications, and is using her children as bait/ a cover up/ an excuse to do this while refusing to speak to the authorities. It has been confirmed that she has been invited twice for interview on custody of her children and both times she refused to attend. She is dodging the interview because of the overwhelming evidence against her on her treatment of the kids. Meanwhile, she pretends to want the kids to the public. This is pure evil and I will speak out against it.

I’ll leave you with other experiences- I visited Emeka Onwuliri in Jos on one of our UNN holidays. His Mum, Prof. Viola Onwuliri, took the pains to encourage us to participate in a facilitation session for HIV/AIDS in Secondary schools in Plateau State. Both I and Emeka gave speeches to the students that day and I got to see the humanitarian and philanthropic side of the Onwuliri family. I stayed with them for the holidays and I must say, they are a model Nigerian family, a decent, disciplined, prayerful, loving family who most importantly are a giving Family.

Instructively, it is the conviction of myself, Uche, Richard, Ebele, Kingsley, Jane, Hector, Nneka, Izu, Ngozi, Ada, Smith, Ifeanyi, Chinedu, Uzo, Nnamdi, Okey, Austin and many other colleagues of Emeka that no smear campaign from any individual, blogger, political opponent, sociopathic inlaw and false cohorts can ever touch the hardwork and the stature of Emeka and his roots. None at all!!! We stand by our comrade. Simple!!

Finally, I am also certain that in due time all would see, that the truth is free, simple, clean, devoid of filth and liberating. Let’s embrace it and may God help us and save us from sociopaths.