Comfortable and not causing allergies.

Bought for my mum and she loves them. Very comfortable and
not causing allergies (itchy after wearing some other brand socks).
Will purchase again for myself
I am a woman who measures 1.70m and I wear size 26 MX (9 US).
Because my foot is thin and based on the comments I read here,
I decided on the size S / M instead of the L / XL that the table suggested:
It was the best decision. They fit me correctly. I gave my mother a pair
that fits 25 MX (8 US) and cheap Racing jerseys she also had a perfect fit.

I suffer from the onset of venous insufficiency, and I am experienced with
compression stockings and socks MUCH more intense than these but I have
found these socks very good for the daily, days that I will not be standing or
sitting for long. It is too practical for them to be short. The fabric looks very
good quality and looks a lot like my other more expensive compression socks.

On the other hand, for more demanding days such as long road or plane trips
or very long days on your feet, these socks have not been enough. It is understandable
given its size and the severity of my illness but it is something to take into account if you
plan to buy it and suffer from varicose veins or venous insufficiency.

They have been very good for me to exercise. I usually go for a 5km jog every other
day and although I have not noticed any significant improvement in my performance,
when I wear these socks my legs do not hurt after exercising. That’s why I only exercise
in these socks now 🙂 Very good

In general, I highly recommend them for the newspaper.