Malaysian transgender entrepreneur says she was 'beaten' by officers

A beauty entrepreneur who fled after being charged with insulting Islam by wearing a dress has opened about her experience – claiming she was ‘hit, beaten and stamped on’ by officers in her home country.

Nur Sajat, 35, as she prefers to be known, ran away from Malaysia to after she was charged with dressing as a woman at a religious event and insulting Islam, which she pleaded not guilty to, in an Islamic court in January.  

The glamorous cosmetics company owner – who boasts a following of 381,000 fans on Instagram – was arrested by Thai authorities on September 8 on the grounds that she allegedly entered the country illegally. 

In Malaysia, she faced up to three years in jail – most likely in a men’s facility – and a fine for reportedly wearing a baju kurung, the traditional long-sleeved costume worn by Malay women, at a private religious ceremony in 2018.

As a transgender woman, she was given refugee status and allowed by Thailand to seek asylum in Australia. But in the eyes of the Malaysian authorities, Nur Sajat is considered male, and under Islamic law, men cannot dress as women.  

Speaking to the from Sydney, Nur Sajat said she was forced to leave her country after being assaulted by officers from JAIS, the religious affairs department in the state of Selangor, which had brought the charges against her. 

Nur Sajat (pictured), 35, as she prefers to be known, ran away from Malaysia to Thailand after she was charged with dressing as a woman at a religious event and insulting Islam, which she pleaded not guilty to, in an Islamic court in January 

The glamorous cosmetics company owner (pictured) – who boasts a following of 381,000 fans on Instagram – was arrested by Thai immigration authorities on September 8 on the grounds that she allegedly entered the country illegally

In Malaysia, she faced up to three years in jail – most likely in a men’s facility – and a fine for reportedly wearing a baju kurung, the traditional long-sleeved costume worn by Malay women, at a private religious ceremony in 2018. Pictured, Nur Sajat

‘I had to run away. I was treated harshly, I was hit, pushed, handcuffed, all in front of my parents and family. I gave them my cooperation, but they still did that to me,’ she said.

‘Maybe it was because they see me as a trans woman, so they did not care if I was held, beaten, stamped on. We trans women have feelings too. We deserve to live our lives like normal people.’

Nur Sajat also discussed being separated from her adopted son and daughter, who are being looked after by her family in Malaysia. 

‘As a mother, I am distraught when I am away from my children. I have never been separated from them in the past but this year I was separated from them for about eight to nine months. I couldn’t contact them or talk to them.

‘I don’t think I’ll ever go back to my home country because I believe they won’t let [transgender people] live peacefully in Malaysia. To me, when I am here, I am freer to be myself as a trans woman.’ 

As a transgender woman, she was given refugee status and allowed by Thailand to seek asylum in Australia. But in the eyes of the Malaysian authorities, Nur Sajat (pictured) is considered male, and under Islamic law, men cannot dress as women

Nur Sajat started her cosmetic business seven years ago, promoting herself on social media, where she soon gained hundreds of thousands of followers and became a ‘national celebrity, according to the broadcaster.

When asked about her gender, Nur Sajat, who is an observant Muslim and shared photographs situs judi slot online of her wearing a hijab head covering, explained that she was born intersex, with both male and female genitalia.

However, in 2017 Nur Sajat revealed she was now fully a woman, physically – which the authorities reportedly decided to investigate.

JAKIM, the Department of Islamic Development, allegedly said it would need proof that she was born intersex and offered to help her with what it labelled ‘gender confusion’.

Then last year, even more controversy surrounded Nur Sajat after images were published of her dressed in women’s prayer garments during a pilgrimage to Mecca with her family. She later apologised, but within a year she was facing criminal charges, said the BBC.

The BBC asked the Malaysian Religious Affairs Department to comment on Nur Sajat’s case but did not get a response.

Speaking to the BBC from Sydney, Nur Sajat (pictured) said she was forced to leave her country after being assaulted by officers from JAIS, the religious affairs department in the state of Selangor, which had brought the charges against her

In September 2021, Malaysian Criminal Investigation Department director Abd Jalil Hassan said police, the foreign ministry and the attorney general’s office were making efforts to bring Nur Sajat back. 

In a news conference, during which he referred to Nur Sajat by her formal name, the director said Malaysia recommended Nur Sajat ‘returns to the country in a good way to face the cases’.

Malaysia was also charged Nur Sajat on separate charges of obstructing and threatening a public servant.

Malaysia has a duel-track legal system, with Islamic criminal and family laws applicable to Muslims alongside civil laws.

Justice for Sisters, a Malaysian transgender rights group, said calls for restrictive measures against LGBTQ+ people have been on the rise and anti-gay sentiments have increased since Nur Sajat was arrested, according to . 

According to Human Rights Watch, transgender people in Malaysia ‘face arbitrary arrest, physical and sexual assault, imprisonment, discriminatory denial of health care and employment, and other abuses’. 

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Serie A Fixtures

October 29 (OPTA) – Serie A fixtures for this weekend Saturday, Oct 30 fixtures (BRST/GMT) Athletico Paranaense v Santos (1700/2000) Flamengo v Atlético Mineiro (1900/2200) Juventude v Bahia (1915/2215) América Mineiro v Fortaleza (2200/0100) Sunday, October 31 fixtures (BRST/GMT) Grêmio v Palmeiras (1600/1900) Ceará v Fluminense (1600/1900) São Paulo v Internacional (1815/2115) Lark about Pernambuco v Atlético Goianiense (2030/2330) Monday, November 1 fixtures (BRST/GMT) Cuiabá v RB Bragantino (2000/2300) Corinthians v Chapecoense (2130/0030) Tuesday, Judi Slot Online November 2 fixtures (BRST/GMT) Athletico Paranaense v Flamengo (1600/1900)

Australian cricket capital Alan Davidson dies

The Australian cricket community is in sorrowing afterwards the deaths of greats Alan Davidson and Ashley Mallett.

Davidson, a legendary allrounder famous for his virile power to dangle the testis both ways, died peacefully at long time 92 on Sat morning time.

Mallett, a superb offspinner and fertile author, died on Friday at get on 76 later on a farseeing conflict with genus Cancer.

Davidson, World Health Organization played 44 Tests in 1953-63, was wide regarded as the world’s topper left-fortify barred bowler until the outgrowth of Pakistan picture Wasim Akram.

Nicknamed ‘Claw’ by familiar allrounder Keith Miller afterwards a in particular astute slips catch, Davidson routinely impressed teammates and fans with his batting, bowling and Henry Fielding.

The laced Examination at the Gabba in 1960 between Australia and the West Indies, which Davidson played with a unkept finger, proved the singular highlighting of an unforgettable calling.

Davidson ruined with cope with figures of 11-222 and a conjunctive reckoning of 124 runs, with a final-innings tap of 80 mount the level for the to the highest degree dramatic of finishes as the hosts rallied from 5-57 to land up totally come out of the closet for 232.

It marked the first base time a actor accomplished the two-baser of 10 wickets and 100 runs in a Test; only if troika former men hold since achieved the exploit.

Davidson’s on-field of honor accomplishment was mated with a congeniality spirit up and screw of cricket that stirred innumerable players; his connexion to the play continued yearn beyond retreat.

He served as United States President of the NSW Cricket Affiliation from 1970 to 2003, was a political unit selector for Little Phoebe years, Legal guardian of the SCG for 20 years, and generous mentor and helper to many.

“He probably gave me some of the best advice of my life,” Usman Khawaja aforementioned.

“He said ‘the most important thing about cricket is belief, just believe in yourself and don’t worry about the rest’.

“It’s something I’ll e’er remember.

“It’s very sad … he was such a gentleman.”

Steve Evelyn Arthur Saint John Waugh famous Davidson was “one of the best” to put on the baggy super acid and “an even better person”.

“He was a regular in the change rooms during the tough times in the mid 80s, unfailing in his support of the team whilst many had given up,” Evelyn Waugh posted on Instagram.

NSW and Victoria donned Negroid armbands afterward learning of Davidson’s decease during their Sheffield Buckler match, patch Australia will do the like in their Twenty20 Earth Cup jar with England.

Davidson grew up on the NSW Primal Coast, scholarship his trade on a homemade slope on the kinfolk property, before shifting to Sydney and making his first-sort out introduction in 1949-50.

The depository financial institution Teller magnificently took hardly 15 paces in a smooth test up, eventually routinely riotous the world’s scoop piece capturing 186 Prove wickets at 20.53.

Mae West Indies police chief Garry Sobers formerly described Davidson as “perhaps the best (new-ball bowler) in the world for a period of about five years”, while Henry Miller regarded Davidson’s bowling as “deadly and devastating”.

Davidson’s identify adorns the SCG members’ gates, patch his number of accolades let in Hall of Celebrity rank at Fun Commonwealth of Australia and the External Cricket Council.

“Alan was a colossal figure in our game,” Cricket Australia moderate Richard Freudenstein said.

“The tremendous skill and the boundless spirit with which Alan embraced cricket and life embodied everything that is great about the game.

“On behalf of Cricket Australia, and whole those who benefited from Alan’s Brobdingnagian donation crossways Australian cricket, I propose my deepest condolences to the Davidson house as easily Alan’s many stopping point friends, colleagues and other teammates.”

Neymar shrugs slay critics subsequently sparking PSG's comeback profits terminated Lille

admitted he’s his biggest critic and praised for ‘fighting until the end’ as the giants came from bum to tick defending champions Lille 2-1.

The bring home the bacon allowed PSG to clear a 10-full stop interruption o’er second-located Electron lens at the cover of Ligue 1 afterwards 12 matches, albeit having played unrivaled more gritty.

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The Parisians, however, did not receive it completely their own direction on Fri night, as Lille astonied the Parc stilbestrol Princes when Jonathan David scored with one-half an time of day expended.

Neymar praised PSG’s scrap heart after his team came from stern to beat Lille 2-1

Playacting without Kylian Mbappe, who lost the lame because of an infection, it fell to Angel di Mare to number to the rescue. 

The Argentine laid up Marquinhos’ counterbalance with 15 minutes left, before grading the success deuce proceedings from time. 

‘It was a very difficult game,’ Neymar told Amazon Peak Television subsequently the game, as reported by RMC Cavort.

‘We had a just team up in front of us.

We fought until the end, we scored. Good through to everyone, I am felicitous.’

Backer di Maria scored an 88th second achiever as PSG trounce Lille 2-1 on Fri night

Neymar determined up the Argentine’s success with a luxurious aid as PSG came from behind

The Brazilian, who curing up Di Maria’s succeeder and was instrumental in the arcsecond half turnaround, then addressed more or less of the criticism he has accepted. 

The 29-year-old, who joined PSG for £198 million in 2017, has been ofttimes accused of being simply insisted he was not fazed by his detractors.

‘Criticism is normal,’ Neymar said.

Neymar (envisioned partying in Paris at the start of October with Kylian Mbappe, centre, at French people exemplar Cindy Bruna’s, right, birthday) strike rearwards at claims he is a partygoer

‘I’ve been playacting pro football for 15 days and I don’t worry about it.

I am my biggest critic. They don’t love what goes on, what we do.’

The lone disconfirming in an other than near-unflawed night for PSG was Lionel Messi’s injury, which unexpected Mauricio Pochettino to supervene upon him at halftime.

The onetime Barcelona asterisk testament let to receive scans to see the extent of his injury, simply Pochettino aforesaid he was fortunate the problem would non flex proscribed to be overly sober.

Lionel Messi was reclusive at halftime of PSG’s 2-1 acquire ended Lille with a powerful injury

Mauricio Pochettino said the extent of Messi’s trauma was yet to be determined

‘We give birth to wait,’ aforementioned Pochettino. 

‘We were with the doctors at half-time, Situs Slot Online it’s a precaution, he couldn’t remain.

We Bob Hope that’s non a grown treat.’ 

The combat injury is the a la mode reversal of Messi’s launching hunting expedition in Ligue 1, which has been relatively underwhelming so Former Armed Forces.

The six-metre Ballon d’Or victor has scored threesome goals in the Champions League merely is notwithstanding to heart-to-heart his Ligue 1 answer for in fin domesticated starts.